CREATORS is a demo group on the Commodore 64 founded in the late 1980'ies.


In 1989, Archie convinced TWW to start the group Creators. It is theorized that it was the intention by Archie, Mr. Monty, The Master and Fist Thunder to start this group themselves, but they joined up with The Golden Triangle (at least that was what the story went). Fist Thunder had made a CTR logo and Mr. Monty had done a demo part for CTR although it was never used. Archie and Garfield spent a weekend together at Archie's place where the demo "Pytt i Panne" was finalized. Archie did the work on the first part (although there is a suspicion that Mr. Monty was involved) and the 2nd part was entirely coded by Mr. Monty and the logo by Fist Thunder. Even so the demo was released and became the first official release for Creators but funnily enough not coded by any creators member (well not until later when Mr. Monty joined up with the Creators crew).

Trivia: A funny thing is that Mr. Monty, Archie, Fist Thunder and TWW lived close by each other but, as things were, they were involved with different gangs and on opposite sides in "gang warfare" in the early 80'ies. Weird shit went down and things were, to say the very least, different than these days ;-) At one point Mr. Monty and TWW ended up in a fight on the street but nothing serious came out of it while all along The Master was advocating peace (He was/is a really nice guy!) ;-) Even so, the differences were put aside when the common interest in the C64 and the fact that puberty hit, the priorities shifted from warfare to more nerdy stuff (and perhaps other things).

The Islander joined TWW into Creators (from T-PAT). The Islander and TWW attended the porsgrunnparty in 1991. At this particular party, a floppy disk box was stolen containing some parts and code and was presumably lost forever. However the demo "extensor" was released which was in all reality coded by The Master. TWW arrived by train and stayed at The Islanders place. TWW learned how to do his first $d016 tech tech by some guy and the theory on how to make a real Tech-Tech effect as well.

At this time TWW met up with, Pride and Chain. Chain was in fact TWW's cousin and lived close to Pride (who was an enthusiast Atari programmer and yes they both lived in the farm area^^). Pride bought a C64 and Chain did some logos. Kranix joined around this time too as he went to the same school as TWW and showed an aptitude towards coding.

Trivia: Chain got drunk one time at a meeting at TWW's house due to a "I dare you" taunt by TWW and Pride. He sat on the floor laughing for hours while trying to load demos and shit on the big tv. Fun times. Yes we were too young to mess with Alcohol at this time but you all know how it goes... TWW helped Pride with some basic things in terms of C64 coding but he quickly took control and released his first demo, "Lame Code" containing his very first work. He then (together with chain) entered the swapping scene.

Funtrax and Ben joined up after showing up at TWW's door and moved in for some days (at TWW's mom's annoyance). There is little evidence towards these two gentlemen contributed anything under the Creators name and they later disappeared into the ether. Dumbo joined but no recollection towards the circumstances. It is assumed that contact was lost with The Islander around this time.

Meanwhile, TWW bought a Sound Sampler from Mr. Monty which then became a Creators asset. This was used in creating many of the samples in the early demos. From here, all got hold of the Action Replays and we could start coding better and better in the AR-monitor as it was a more powerfull tool than we had used until now. Also it became clear that the Commodore 64 Programmers Reference Manual should be the bible of the group ;-). Then came the Turbo Assembler which changed everything.

Trivia: Chain's old man was an electrician and once the sound sampler broke. He offered to fix it on the condition it was common ownership of the unit between Pride, TWW and Chain. This was agreed, and the sampler was fixed and put back into action.

Pride released his first demo on his own, Nameless, while TWW was on board some ship in Brazil (following the old mans footsteps so to say) and it became clear the Pride was by now the most prominent coder in Creators, coding sprite scrollers, 2x4 scrollers etc. Further, he did the first C64 crack by creators, Spooked and followed up with a note writer (createnoter) and the demo: I'm Back Again.

By this time it was decided that it was time to release a real demo by creators and the work began to make "Public Domain". Coded by Pride and TWW with some graphics by Chain. Once completed, TWW pulled out of the swapping scene and this was now handled by Pride and Chain while Public Domain was used to get contacts.

Pride released the demos Brun Saus, Out of Fashion and recruited Cryple who joined as a sysop and a coder. Cryple ran "The Molecule" and coded an intro for Creators.

Meanwhile the time had come to join Highschool and TWW/Kranix/Pride/Chain met up with Lord Red who showed incredible talent for graphics. Additionally Lord Red had a great enthusiasm for pushing out releases like Smultring, Logoshows, Disk covers, contact demos etc. There were many meetings in these days at Pride, TWW, Lord Red and Kranix's house. Chain was getting less active at this time.

In 94, Thomas (Mr. Monty) joined up and released several high quality sampled demos. It goes to the story that the sound sampler had found it's way back to Mr. Monty (being the original owner) as he now was in Creators. Kranix started releasing his first pieces of code. Several demos were released at the ASM 93, 94 and 96 parties by TWW, Mr. Monty and Kranix.

By this time the daily operations of Creators was handled by Lord Red and the early members started withdrawing more and more from the scene. However this did in no way stop the flow of productions and the activity was high up until mid 2000.

Lord Red recruited a lot of new members during this time and the every now and then guest appearance from the early members happened from time to time.

Creators was declared dead in 2006 by Lord Red who was not very happy of the lack of the enthusiasm from the early members.

TWW revived Creators in 2009 and enlisted the original members and Boo (who had been a member at some earlier stage as well). Later JSL joined up and some minor releases were done but nothing major.

Creators is today a bunch of old guys still carrying a torch for our beloved C64.